Thanks Shawn. I am finding that Qi Gong is helping to strengthen my weak back.

- Judi

Today, three months after seriously undertaking a daily practice, I take nothing for arthritis. I simply don’t need it. My mobility has returned, my pain all but vanished, the depression gone.

- Laurel

When the doctor told me that my spine was loaded with arthritis, I though that my pain and mobility problems were going to get worse. But after a few weeks of daily Qi Gong practice, I realized this gentile, meditative routine was going to change my life. Five years later and now in my seventies, I have overcome the chronic pain, a flight of stairs is no longer intimidating, and my blood pressure is lower by more than 20 points. I am scuba diving, snorkeling, and enjoying an active lifestyle.

- D. Ewan

I can’t believe how much this has changed my life. I don’t have any pain anymore.

- Dot