Qigong – A journey of self discovery Part 3

We have lost touch with our own bodies. It is not just the vehicle used to get us from point A to Point B. The body can be our greatest source of information, if we can only learn to listen to it. If we can quiet the thinking mind long enough and allow ourselves to go inside, to become aware of the magic that lies within, then we can tap into it’s true potential. The energy that flows within each and every one of us is the same as that which runs through the wild tiger, or the wolf running through the forest.

It is not enough just to be healthy, there are many who go to the gym, eat good food, and yet still have no idea how to get in touch with the energy within. By utilizing breathing techniques with inner awareness we can begin to tap into our true potential. Our inner healing and power, that lie dormant awaiting discovery. Through the practices of Tai Chi and Qigong we can begin and embark on this journey of self discovery.

In the first stage one is trying to memorize the movements which is the way it should be. When one becomes familiar with the sequences, then we move onto the breathing, either coordinating it with the movements or just becoming aware of it as we go through our practice. Now this is when things get interesting. After we have the movements down and the breathing has begun, now we can actually get inside our selves, out of our minds and into our bodies. Sometimes it is as simple as a tingling or warm sensation, for others it is an acute feeling of flow, for lack of a better word. The sensation of energy coursing through your entire being.

As often happens, distraction finds its way in. Not to worry. As with meditation, acknowledge its presence, then let it go and come back to your practice. This is the biggest challenge for most, bringing yourself back to awareness and away from the monkey mind that is so prevalent in modern humans. The breath can be the key, bring your awareness to your breathing, nothing else. Follow it as it enters into the lungs, and feel it as it exhales and leaves your body. Stay with this method until it becomes natural, you almost laugh when you notice your mind wandering “ Oh there you go again, come back here and behave”.

This simple yet effective practice of Qigong/Tai Chi, has enormous possibility for self healing and self awareness. It truly can be life altering.