How do I know this really works?

Millions of people have tried and loved Qigong for its proven effects on health and well-being.  We are so confident that you will feel health improvements within two weeks of beginning a Healthy Qigong practice that we offer the first month FREE!

Should I talk to a doctor before starting Qigong?

Qigong is low intensity and low impact, but if you should always consult a health professional before beginning a new exercise program.

What video format are the downloads?

All of our videos are now available for 24/7 streaming direct to your devices. At times we will still offer some downloads for viewing when you are away from the internet, which will be in Quicktime format.

What if I have bought a download and my computer crashes?

All of our videos are now available directly from our site, 24/7 for streaming from any device.  You can simply log in with your membership ID from a new device and continue your Healthy Qigong practice.

If you do purchase a downloadable product and wish to re-download it later on, we would be happy to oblige.  Please save your receipt after purchase.  Contact us with your order number and we will happily provide you with a new download link.  There is no deadline for this, just keep your receipt number safe.

If you have lost your receipt you should still get in touch.  We should be able to find your receipt in our records and provide you with a new link

Are my money and identity safe with you?

All purchases are processed by Stripe, which is a trusted online financial service that has many built-in safeguards to protect your identity and financial information. In fact we at will not see or have access to your financial information at any point in the transaction.

Your personal and online privacy is important to us, and we will never share any information you give us with anybody. We believe that the best way to do this is to collect and store as little information as possible, so all we will keep is your name, email, receipt number and the date you created your membership.  Financial information is not stored by us for any reason.

Why should I pay for this when I can watch thousands of videos on You-tube for free?

Our videos are worth buying because they are created with your health and well-being in mind by Master Shawn Phillips, who has decades of experience in practicing and teaching Qigong.  Our Tai Chi Qigong program is designed for beginners, with multiple camera angles and easy to understand narration.

Our comprehensive Qigong lessons and videos will give you the best possible chance of achieving success in your practice. It takes work and time to learn the movements and practices properly, and in joining our membership means you know you will be getting the best instruction as you begin to learn Qigong.

Additionally, we offer ongoing support and a continually growing library of beginner, intermediate and advanced Qigong lessons, all available at no additional charge to all members, 24/7.  By joining our growing membership you know you are getting top quality instruction and help in your path to improved health and wellness.