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Healthy Qigong Quickbreaks

Qigong is an ancient healing and wellness art that originated in Asia centuries ago.  The foundation of Qigong lies in a belief in the connection between our bodies, minds and nature.

  • “Qi” is a word that roughly translates as ‘energy.’
  • “Gong” roughly translates as ‘work’.

So Qigong is simply understood as ‘energy work’.  According to quantum physics at the atomic level we are composed of energy.  The gentle, Tai Chi movements of Qigong are specifically designed to direct and influence the flow of energy in our bodies to promote healing and health maintenance.

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Pigeon Flying

Traditionally, Qigong was practiced to unblock any internal barriers to energy flow that were the result or cause of illness and discomfort.  Qigong practice promotes balance (physical and emotional) and helps to breakdown false notions of a separation between our minds, bodies and the world around us.

Qigong is widely practiced in Asia, particularly China where between 80 and 150 million practice daily.  While most westerners do not have the complete cultural context in which Qigong has traditionally fit, anyone can benefit from the healing effects of Qigong practice.  If we can maintain our health and well-being through preventive maintenance such as Qigong, then our health care costs are reduced while many age-related discomforts can be prevented, reduced or even eliminated.

Our goal at Healthyqigong.com is to raise your awareness and skills at self-maintenance through the simple art of Qigong.  The lessons we offer are easy, affordable and accessible.  With regular practice you can reconnect to your bodyand proactively improve your health and well-being.  We provide our members with ongoing support, a constantly expanding library of instructional videos and content, and a healthy path to wellness and improved longevity.