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Tai Chi Qigong, a great introduction to the Art!

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Qigong (Life Energy Cultivation) is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing and meditation.

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Qigong is an ancient healing and wellness art that originated in Asia centuries ago.  The foundation of Qigong lies in a belief in the connection between our bodies, minds and nature. LEARN MORE >

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Mobility = freedom

The word mobility is defined as “the ability to move freely”  this can be applied to a number of different areas, physical, social, political, etc. But for our purpose we will look at the physical. Our bodies were meant to move, walk, bend, run, climb, lift, and so much more. They are beautiful and amazing sprit carrying machines that allow us to explore and enjoy this journey called life.

If the body is restricted in it’s ability to move freely, then the quality of ones life can be deeply affected. Pain, injury, sedentary lifestyle, can all be contributors to this type of restriction. Mobility = freedom. Even if one does not have full use of their body, having good mobility in those parts that do can bring quality into life.

We are so proud to be able to announce the launch of our second beginners program at www.healthyqigong.com. This program is called “Qigong for mobility” and is designed to help anyone, regardless of present limitations, to improve your ability to move. It is very simple to learn and gentle on the body, but addresses the major areas of limitation. Movement in the shoulders, hips, back, and legs will be dealt with and improved upon. This program will focus specifically on opening up and allowing the energy to flow more freely throughout the entire body.

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Scams, cheats, and snake oil salesmen

Qigong, what does the media show about it?

Go onto Youtube and search for Qigong. There are many legitimate practitioners, some great lessons to be learned and followed, and even some decent background information as well.

Sadly, what really stands out are the ones that claim to have special qi powers and abilities. The claims range from being able to heal someone from thousands of miles away, to an absurd ability to throw people around without touching them.

One awful example that stands out is of an older gentleman who claims to have the incredible power to be able to throw, knock down, and push back his students, all with his CHI POWER!! They fall, roll over, spin at incredible speeds, and even get airborne. It is quite the sight. He foolishly believed in his own ability and put out a challenge. Well, an experienced fighter took the challenge, and the match was brief and painful.  Without ruining it for you, let’s just say he gets handed his ass very quickly and is so surprised by the ordeal that he tries again, only to get smoked quicker and harder the second time around.

Long story short, I have been around Martial Arts and fighting for over 30 years, and practicing Qigong for 20. I’ve seen my fair share of skilled and talented instructors, practitioners and students. I’ve been blessed with learning from some incredible teachers who did have a very high level of Qigong, yet not one of them tried to knock me out or ever claimed they could.

Unfortunately,these snake oil salesmen seek to give the uninitiated an unrealistic view of our incredible art of Qigong. This gentle art has the ability to heal, release stress, cure some illness, increase self awareness, and many more amazing qualities.  However, throwing people around and knocking them out without touch are not included on the list.

In fact, I challenge any of these charlatans to try to do it to me. Something tells me I will be waiting for a long time.


When the doctor told me that my spine was loaded with arthritis, I though that my pain and mobility problems were going to get worse. But after a few weeks of daily Qi Gong practice, I realized this gentile, meditative routine was going to change my life. Five years later and now in my seventies, I have overcome the chronic pain, a flight of stairs is no longer intimidating, and my blood pressure is lower by more than 20 points. I am scuba diving, snorkeling, and enjoying an active lifestyle.

- D. Ewan